Leestma Scholarship - Information 2022-2023

Chairpersons: Robyn Troncoso

Purpose: The Alice Leestma Memorial Scholarship, established in memory of our first president, is given annually based on financial need and consideration of the student’s musical accomplishments. The scholarship is intended to foster and encourage young musicians. It is awarded to vocal or instrumental students from the first to the eleventh grade whose teachers are members of SMC. Winners are determined by application only. All applications along with parent and teacher statements must be postmarked on or before April 1, 2019. An incomplete application will be automatically disqualified.

Prerequisite: The applicant must be a member of a 2018-2019 Federated Junior Club, OR a 2018-2019 Junior Special Member.

Process: Applications are first evaluated by the Leestma Scholarship committee. Then, students who qualify on the basis of need will be considered upon evaluation of their previous musical accomplishment, as listed in the application. The Leestma Scholarship Committee reserves the right to contact a student’s teacher for more information concerning the student’s musical accomplishment if it is deemed necessary. Lastly, both need and musical accomplishment will be factored into the final score to determine the winner.

Application Deadline:

Application Fee: None

Mail application packet to: Please send COMPLETED applications to the Leestma Scholarship Chairman. INCOMPLETE applications will NOT be considered for the scholarship.

New Information Regarding the Competition:


Please Note:
The Scholarship is granted by application only. There will be no auditions.