Sonata/Sonatina Festival

May 11 and 12, 2018

First Baptist Church of Springfield
7300 Gary Street, Springfield VA 22150
Application deadline April 1, 2018

Chairpersons: Peggy Newhall

Gail Cope

Application forms may be found in theYearbook or on the website

Application Fee: $18.00 per student (Please submit one check per studio for the total amount, payable to: Springfield Music Club).

Mail Applications To: Peggy Newhall, 6641 Cardinal Lane, Annandale, VA 22003

Judging: Please see SMC Festival Judging Policies, page 20. Judging sheets may be found online.

Entry Requirements

  1. There are three levels in the Sonatina-Sonata Festival (comparable to Springfield Festival):

    Level 1: Beginner - Primary IV (Elementary Sonatina)

    Level 2: Elementary I - Medium (Sonatina, Simple Sonata)

    Level 3: Moderately Difficult and above(Sonata)

  2. Vocal Art Song: (comparable to Art Song in Spring Festival)

    Level 1: Primary - K thru Elementary 3

    Level 2: Junior 1-3

    Level 3: Senior 1 and higher

  3. Each student must play one memorized movement of a published Sonatina/Sonata OR sing one Art Song at least 20 measures long. Just any ABA form piece will no longer qualify. The piece need not have Sonatina in its title, but MUST be part of a larger work that is called Sonatina. Any number of movements may be played, not to exceed 10 minutes. Vocal students may choose any Art Song selection from current or past NFMC Festival Bulletins. Piano Duets, Original Compositions, or Musical Theater categories are NOT acceptable. The chairman will determine any disqualifications based on judges' comments. Their decision will be final. Please ask if you are not sure of something.

  4. All music must be memorized and played in its entirety with no repeats.  D.C. al Fine and D.S. al Coda are to be observed.  Vocal students may be “a capella” or accompanied.   No Xerox or computer generated copies of music will be allowed.

  5. Time scheduling:  Each student may choose from a 3 hour block of time (Fri. pm/Sat am/Sat pm).  These requests will be honored, but once scheduled, no changes will be made.  Please indicate these requests on the Application Form.

  6. Judging Commitment:  Teachers entering 10 students or less must judge 3 hours; 11-20 students - 6 hours.  For 21 or more students entered, the teacher must judge 9 hours.  If a teacher is unable to judge the required time, the SMC Policy on substitute judges will apply (see page 20).

  7. Trophy Pick-up:  TBA

  8. Judging sheets: Will be available online.